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11 June 2017

On Sunday 4 June Amersham ladies played a Top Club match away to Chesham. Despite both teams winning two disciplines Chesham ran out  winners 71-84. It was a significant achievement to push Chesham this close and the ladies should be congratulated on their performance.

That same afternoon, we played a three Counties League match away to Chess Vale on their all-weather surface. Home advantage told  with Chess Vale winning on all five rinks 73-121. 

On Thursday 8 June Amersham Ladies won their Burnham Plate match away to Wing 23-15.

This was closely followed on Saturday 10 June by a home match against Wendover played in bright, dry conditions over five mixed triples. Amersham won 2 and lost three with the final score 76-87 in favour of Wendover. Amersham's top rink was Margaret Stickland, Ian Hunter and Peter Bray.

On Sunday 11 June we played a Three Counties League fixture away to Wexham over five mixed rinks. Although quite windy the weather remained dry, but Amersham managed to win one rink to Wexham's four. The score was 87-99 in favour of Wexham. Top rink for Amersham was Sheila Barber, Norman Wilson, David Smith and David Balderson. Ray Cox suggested that had the match gone to another ten ends he would have won!! Jim Saunders rink was very unlucky - holding 1 or possibly 2 on the last end which would have drawn or won the match (having started 1 down), a poor shot by the Wexham skip took a massive deflection (or wick) to win the end and the match.

3 June 2017

I have to start this blog with an apology. Ian Lee has proved that he does read this blog as he raised a complaint about my report of the Aylesbury Town match. Apparently, I declared the top rink incorrectly. You will guess why Ian spotted this mistake when I tell you that the top rink should have read Jenny Brooks, Ian Lee and Ann Parker.

There has been a bit of a gap since my last blog so I regret that I need to cover quite a lot of results in one go. It has been quite an intensive time of the season.

On a warm and quite sunny afternoon we played a friendly match away to Marlow on Tuesday 16 May over four mixed triples. We won one and lost three triples with an overall match score of Amersham 63 - Marlow 77. Our one winning rink was really quite convincing at 32-10 and consisted of Jenny Brooks, Alan Ballard and Norman Wilson. Sadly, our other three rinks could not hold the position sufficiently to maintain a wnning margin.

We then had two fixtures cancelled, one a friendly away to Tring due to adverse weather and the second a national Two Fours men's match with Bassetsbury Manor as they were unable to raise a team.

Still stinging somewhat from a heavy Three Counties League match loss to Harefield, we played the next round of the competition at home to Bassetsbury Manor. Sadly, our opponents could only field 4 rinks out of five, conceding on one. This was a very strong performance by Amersham winning three rinks and drawing one taking the match 74-55 and also taking 11 league points out of 12. Top rink was John Culley, Margaret Sherlock, Pat Barnard and David Balderson.

On 21 May we held the annual Captains Day event which as always was a competitive and lively. As it turned out the men won three rinks and the ladies won three rinks. Before we started it was suggested by some of the ladies that the men should concede 5 points on each rink - had that happened the overall result would have been a draw 117-117!! Top rink for the men was Graham Morris, Norman Wilson and Peter Bray and for the ladies Val Newton, Pam Hunt and Pat Barnard.

On Tuesday 23 May a home match was played against Kitcheners over four mixed triples. Against a forecast of sunshine, the match started in fine drizzle, and a cool breeze under heavy cloud. However, the weather improved as the afternoon progressed. Although each side won two rinks, the balance of shots fell to Kitcheners 62-81. The Amersham top rink was John Culley, Meg Wilson and David Balderson.

On 25 May, an evening which started in hot sunshine and finished 3 hours later when it was distinctly cooler, Amersham took on Wendover in the season's first C&T league game and came second to 3 strong Wendover rinks. Although the rink of Sheila Barber, Ken Rye and John Barbet were leading after the penultimate shot on the last end, Wendover's skip turned the result around with his last shot. After an enjoyable game played in very good spirit Amersham lost on all 3 rinks with an overall score of 41-58. 

On 28 May we faced the return leg of the Three Counties League to Harefield. Not surprisingly the opposition turned out to be very strong once again and the match was lost 50-95. However we did manage a draw on one rink which was John Culley, Diana Bassett, Ray Cox and Anne Begley. As Anne was only called in to play on the morning of the match we are grateful to her in more ways than one!!

On 30 May we had another challenging match at home in the C&T (Chiltern and Thames League) to Gerrards Cross. We lost on two rinks and won on one with the final score being 36-69 in favour of Gerrards Cross. Our top rink was Colin Wills, Elizabeth Gillott and Jim Saunders. 

After last year's success where the Amersham men were runners up in the Bucks Plate, we kicked off the competition this season with a fixture against Bassestsbury Manor on 31 May. We won two triples and lost two but the final result was a 61-65 loss. Top rink was Neal Evison, Eric Sherlock and Howard Brown.

Finally for this report, Amersham men entered two national competitions this year and played Marlow away in both. On Friday 2 June Amersham beat Marlow in the Two Fours 51-29. One rink was drawn but the top rink with a score of 32-10 was John Culley, Peter Bray, Neal Evison and John Barber. On Saturday 3 June, Marlow manged to get their revenge in the Top Club. Played over 5 'dsciplines' (2 wood singles, 4 wood singles, pair, triple and rink), Marlow won 3-2. Top rink for Amersham was Peter Bray and Jm Saunders.

'You will notice if you read this blog from the start of the season that John Culley's name appears on a regular basis on the top rink. In the last two or three matches John as lead has played such an important part in putting the opposition on the back foot by regularly putting the majority of his woods very close to the jack. Any skip will tell you that a consistently accurate lead is worth their weight in gold. Keep it up John!!!'

14 May 2017

This has been quite a busy week. 

A game away to Hazells (in Aylesbury) is always a significant challenge, but the mixed team came up trumps on 11 May in warm sunshine winning 84-77. Interestingly, we lost on three rinks and won on two with our top rink being Ian Hunter, Pat Barnard and Ken Rye.

This was closely followed by another away fixture to Aylesbury Town on Saturday 13 May. Again in sunny weather, the team came of the blocks fighting and shot into a 45-22 lead, ahead on all four rinks. Unfortunately, the old adage about a game of two halves haunted us and the match was eventually lost by a small margin 65-68. Top rink for Amersham was John Culley, Pat Barnard and Peter Bray.

On Sunday 14 May we faced one of the stiffest challenges of the season, a Three Counties League match at home to Harefield (who won the league last year) over 5 mixed rinks.

At one point just after the tea break, Amersham were leading on three rinks and losing on two, but you can never under-estimate Harefield and in the end we suffered a resounding loss 62-134 with our one winning rink consisting of Linda English, Wendy Tindale, John Brooks and Jim Saunders.

7 May 2017

The Ladies team had contrasting results on 2 and 4 May. In the former they played at Home to Princes Risborough winning 51-47. Top rink was Linda English, Gayle Berrington and Diana Bassett. In the latter they lost away to Gerrards Cross 31-64 losing on all three rinks.

On a gloriously warm and sunny afternoon at Hemel Hempstead the mixed team managed to win two triples and lose to, but unfortunately the balance fell against us and the score was Amersham 57 - Hemel Hempstead 62.This was Norman's 85th birthday and fortunately he was on a winning rink. However, top rink was Sheila Barber, John Brooks and John Barber.

In the same timescale we had the second Spoon Drive on 1 May whwere Eric Sherlock won overall just pippng John Barber by one shot and preventing John from winning two in a row.

On Friday 5 May, we enjoyed a social evening with a quiz by quiz evening hosted by Neal Evison. The Social Committee did an excellent job and he shepherd's pie was well received. Many thanks to the committee and to Neal for excellent entertainment and it was good to see an encouraging turn out.

20 April 2017

The first match of the season on 19 April was home to Masonic over five mixed triples. Amersham managed to run out with a healthy victory 83-73. Top rink consisted of Robin Eddy, Joy Spicer and Neal Evison. 

The following day 20 April, the Men took on the Ladies and it was wonderful to see 20 on each side keenly contesting the match. On this occasion the men were winners 96-61. I hesitate to say that one of the men did not record the event in his diary so I am sure there will be opportunities for me to remind him during the season!

On Thursday 25 April, the Wally Theobald trophy was contested as mixed pairs over four rounds. Ultimate winners were Ian Lee and Linda English. In the very first round I sent my final wood down the rink and Jenniffer got quite excited and declared I had just taken shot. Unfortunately, closer analysis revealed that in fact my wood had rested next to one of John Barber's fluorescent orange woods rather than the jack!!

Then, on quite a cold and at times damp afternoon on 27 April a match was played away to Bassetsbury over five mixed triples. The good start to the season continued with Amersham winning rather convincingly 94-53 with top rink Keith Leonard, Meg WIlson and John Barber.

Finally, on a cool Sunday afternoon in Hillingdon, we played a match away to Court Park over 4 mixed triples. Despite leading at tea, the position gradually reversed and the fnal result was eventually Amersham 68 Court Park 73. We had two top rinks both winning by 6 shots: Jean Anderson, Norman Wilson and John Barber along with Peter Bray, John Brooks and Ann Parker. On my own rink (with John Culley and ELizabeth Gillott) things didn't go well early on and after 7 ends our score was 0-17. As might be imagined this did prompt one or two less than complimentary comments from certain members of the team. However, determined efforts turned the tide and by the end each triple had won 9 ends. Sadly, although we were delighted with our attempt to correct the position we finished up 1 shot short at 18-19, but it was a very enjoyable second half.

16 April 2017

Hello everyone and welcome back to the new season.

We start on a number of really high notes: 

1. The lease is signed and complete so we now have the base upon which to move forward with confidence.

2. The toilet(s) and wash basins in the clubhouse have been completely refurbished so we no longer need to be embarrassed about the facilities we have to offer in this respect. Thanks are due in particular to John Barber, Sheila Barber, John Brooks and Jim Saunders for the many hours of work they have put into producing a truly professional job.

3.The green is in immaculate condition and playing superbly. Many thanks to John Brooks, Jim Saunders and their team of helpers.

4. The green surrounds and paving slabs are in excellent condition due to some intensive work by Colin Wills and his team of helpers for which we are very grateful.

Yesterday (Saturday) kicked off with the opening event of the season, a Spoon Drive. The weather was glorious (slightly against predictions) and with an excellent turn out of 34 members a good time was had by all. Our illustrious chairman showed off his new fluorescent orange bowls that dazzled everyone in the sunlight and, with indications that he must have been practising in advance, he walked off with the prize! I had advised my wife that I was going to win something this season, but I wasn't expecting to achieve my goal this early, taking home the wooden spoon! At least it doesn't need polishing. Anything else will be an anticliimax now.

We currently have an excellent number (40) for the Men v Ladies on Thursday this week and the weather prediction is fiine. Somewhat embarrassingly, I will not be around as we have a family stay in Chester coming up, but I do hope the event is a success.

If anyone would like to improve their game do contact one of our coaches: John Barber, John Brooks, Brian Spicer and Brian Drew - they will be glad to help.

As always, the club is always looking for new blood so if you hear of anyone interested in playing bowls or interested in transferring from another club please do encourage them to contact us.

I look forward to seeing all of you as the season progresses.