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Learn to Bowl with Amersham Bowling Club

We believe everybody should realise the joy and benefit of playing sport, and there are so many reasons why you should choose bowls Here are our top reasons:
Playing bowls is very easy to learn
Whatever your physique, bowls is a sport for everybody and it will help improve your fitness levels and mental wellbeing

Bowls is an inexpensive sport to play
To get going you don’t need lots of new kit and clubs put on taster sessions for free
Bowls is a sociable sport
Meet new friends both on the green and at our various social events

Bowls Basics

Lawn bowls is played on a green (grass or artificial) usually divided into six rinks

It's played by individuals (singles) or teams of 2 (pairs), 3 (triples) or 4 players (rinks). Singles and pairs usually play with 4 bowls each, triples with 3 each, and rinks with 2 bowls each.

The Jack is bowled to the far end of the rink and centred in the rink

Players take turns to bowl from one end of the rink to the other. When all players have bowled, points are scored only by the individual/team closest to the Jack e.g. a team with one bowl closest to the jack scores 1; three closer than the nearest oppenent's bowl, 3.
Only one side can score at each end. If one bowl from each side is equidistance from the jack, there is no score.

The "end" is complete when all players have bowled

Although the overall aim is to get closest to the Jack, tactical shots to block others, to move the jack and a host of other shots are used.

The match can be over after a set number of "ends" typically 18 or 21, or when an agreed score is reached.

Singles matches are usually played until one of the competitiors has reached a score of 21 shots.

For more details, click on this link to visit the
Bowls England website.

Bowls Basics

Lawn bowls are not perfectly round. One side is slightly bigger than the other and is known as the “bias”. It's the extra weight on one side of the bowl that generates the curve. Different models will have different biases, the bigger the bias the more the bowl will curve.

Bowls come in sets of four, in a varity of sizes and usually two weights, medium and heavy. These days, they also come in many different colours. Try a few different sets before buying your own. One of our coaches will halp you choose the best size for you and may be able to point you in the right direction when making a purchase.

A new set of bowls will cost from about £250 upwards but second hand sets will be considerably cheaper. If you don't need one of the small sets and are not fussy about colour, you might find a suitable set for £40 or less.

Learn to Bowl - What's Involved

How to Start

Bowls is a sport open to everyone, our team off qualified coaches are here to get you started  and to assist those with some experience.
Each year we hold open days when you can just turn up at the club and have a go. All you need is a pair of flat soled trainers. We provide all other equipment. If you miss one of these, get in touch with us (by clicking on this link) and we will arrange an individual taster session.  

Next Steps

Assuming you want to go further, the next stage is to sign up for an Introduction Course, this consists of four sessions of approximately one hour, with one of our qualified coaches. The fee is a very modest £10, which, if you decide to join the club, will be deducted from your first subscription.

Now you have got the bowls bug, it's time to join the club. First year subscriptions are reduced pro-rata depending on when you join through the season.

Early stages

The next stage on your journey is at Roll Ups which, as the name suggests, are just turn up and play sessions. Some of these are informal but organised sessions are held every Tuesday and Thursday morning. An experienced member will ensure novices are intergrated in to the session.

 For as many roll ups as necessary, new members are "mentored" individually or as a group, to gain experience, learn the skills and understand the etiquette of the game.

Members can hone their skills on the green at any time other than when it it is closed for maintenance or reserved for matches

Your Ambition

You can of course just attend roll ups, but if you are more competitive, we have many matches with local clubs. Most new members start by playing in friendly matches before voluntering to take part in the more serious league games.
Additionally, there are a number of internal club competitions. How far you go, and what you do, is your choice.

New members 2021/2

During the past two seasons, we were delighted to welcome an  unusally high number of people, new to the sport, to our club.
A competition was therefore held towards the end of the 2022 season, exclusively for these members.
The photo, opposite, shows the participants with some of the helpers on the day.
The winner was Chris Jamieson. Runner-up Graham Brown.


Competition for new members

        Competition for new members 2022

Commonwealth Games
Lawn bowls has been played in the games since 1930 (except Kingston in 1966). Victoria Park, Leamington Spa hosted bowls at the 2022 games.
About 30 countries sent bowls teams  to the 2022 games in Birmingham with many of them sending players to compete in the para-games.

Short Mat Bowls
Short Mat Bowls is usually played indoors on 45 x 6 ft mats which can be rolled up when not required. A wooden block is placed in the middle of the mat.
The bowls used are the same as for outdoor or full-length indoors.

Bowling for the visually impaired
A string is run out down the centre of the rink & wherever the jack lands it is moved across to the string and the length is called out by a sighted helper who then assists each bowler by giving information on the position of each bowl on the rink,