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There’s more to Bowls than meets the eye!

 - It’s great fun to play 

 - It gives you exercise and fresh air

- And you can make new friends

Staying active and making friends is important at any age and taking up Bowls gives everyone a wonderful opportunity to do just that. Here at the Amersham Bowls Club members have the opportunity not only to play Bowls but also to take part in the many social activities on offer. Whether it’s a Fish ‘n Chip evening, a Quiz or just enjoying a relaxing drink in our new bar area there are many opportunities to meet up with other members and make new friends.

Just playing bowls can be a social occasion in itself as with several players involved, it gives you an opportunity to chat and make friends. We organise casual games three times per week which enables members at all levels to play and socialise. From time to time during the season we have internal club events where the objective is primarily to mix bowls and fun and is a wonderful way to meet people. One of these fun events is a Spoon Drive where the winner gets a prize and the loser the traditional wooden spoon!

This season we are planning a regular event called ‘Friday Evenings Play & Stay’ in which we will play a short round of fun bowls and then stay for drinks and food enjoyed at our new bar.

We also have inter-club competitions for the more serious bowler. These are a little bit more competitive but great fun if you wish to meet players from other clubs often on their premises. There is a break during the game for tea, or similar, where players have a chance to chat.

One annual event is the Ladies Annual Gala where ladies from other clubs are invited to a special all day bowling and social event on our premises and all are treated royally.

Our Social Committee organise many other events during the season. These events are organised in advance and all members are invited to attend. The events range from supper evenings, Christmas auctions, raffles, quizzes, games of whist etc. This committee also organises an annual Christmas lunch which is a smart affair currently held in a good restaurant at a local golf course.